“These Little-Known, Passive
Investment Vehicles Can Secure A
Comfortable Retirement And Set You
Up With Automatic Income For Life...”

bwrmgsalespageFrom the desk of: Brad Weinman

Dear Forward-Thinking Friend,

You're probably here because you want what we all want ― Freedom.

Freedom to enjoy living life on your own terms and having all the money it takes to buy that freedom.

But, let’s be honest, most people wake up every day and go to work trading hours for dollars at the same boring job (or, two) to barely make ends meet.

They get the occasional pat on the back and get used to it.

After a while, this daily ‘rut’ slowly becomes the norm for them.

Sadly, most eventually give up on their dreams or aspirations for financial success (if they even had any) in exchange for a so-called ‘steady paycheck’.

What about the wealthy?

The wealthy don’t strive for the status quo.

I hope you don’t either.

I hope you’re different.

I hope you’re here, reading this, because you want more out of life... something better than what the rest of the overworked-underpaid crowd settles for.

What if I told you there was a better way... a much better way?

There definitely is.

And, the underground secret I’m about to share with you will give you a huge, unfair advantage over almost every other person in the world to create your own personal cash-flow pipeline...

One that could earn you a small fortune in record time.

But, before I discuss the details, I need to warn you about something that’s potentially putting you and your family’s financial security in serious jeopardy.

The Financial Industry’s Lies Are Keeping You Weak,
Fearful, And Stuck While The Rich Get Richer

The gap between the middle class and wealthy in the U.S. is larger now than it’s ever been.

Have you ever suspected there’s a different set of money rules the 1%-ers use to grow their money that you haven’t been told about?

If you’re like most Americans, you have mortgage payments, car payments, insurance payments, credit card payments, and perhaps even student loan payments.

Yet the true reason you’re not getting richer goes much deeper than just the rising cost of housing, food, and other essential living expenses.

It’s because the REAL rules of money have deliberately been kept hidden from public view… away from good, honest working folks like you.

And to me, that’s a travesty.

I’m fed up with all the misinformation being put out there.

It’s not only false, but this lack of specialized knowledge of the best alternative income opportunities available today is holding you back from ever achieving financial freedom.

It’s like having a GPS in your car that only maps out the first couple miles of the trip, and then leaves you to guess how to get the rest of the way to your destination.

Simply put, the basic retirement strategy 99% of Americans have been sold is a joke on Wall Street.

Their conveniently packaged investment products (cooked up by corporate marketing geeks) bear no resemblance to what the well-connected insiders and big players like JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs do with their money.

According to a recent Morningstar study, out of 2,257 mutual fund managers that were investigated, 51% owned ZERO stake in the funds they manage.

How’s that for a rude awakening!

These trusted ‘pros’ that most people are depending on for their retirements are profiting from peoples’ ignorance, with some taking advantage of tricks and loopholes that has left the average investor like you and I to pay the price.

They’ll sell you crappy investment products that pay them the biggest commissions, all while hiding their jealously-guarded strategies that allow them to make incredible fortunes for themselves in the process.

Wall Street is bleeding you and millions of others with hidden fees and sneaky money leaks. And, it’s costing you your family’s future financial stability, your freedom in retirement, and ultimately... your happiness.

It’s not your fault, though. Really, it’s not.

You’ve been swindled and conned by everyone from Ivory Tower pickpockets and Wall Street fat cats who get paid whether you win or lose...

... to the anti-wealth propaganda and government spin that’s shoveling you into a lifetime subscription of financial mediocrity and penny-pinching.

The good news is, you can start doing today what some of the richest people on the planet have done, which is leveraging their money to earn much of their fortunes.

When You Know Where The Treasure’s Buried, Your Potential For Retiring Early And Wealthy is Limitless

treasuremapHave you ever seen an X on a treasure map?

What if I told you that you’re sitting on it right now and you don’t even realize it?

The reason you haven’t found the treasure yet is because you’ve been taught to dig in all the wrong places.

I know because I was stuck in that same frustrating trap myself.

But, to truly make a fortune in today’s uncertain economy, you need to look where others aren’t.

And, once I finally discovered the hidden truth, I was able to quickly get my financial life back on track.

In a moment I’m going to reveal exactly where the treasure is buried.

I’m also going to show you how you can use it to grow your income and savings at least 10X faster than you’re currently doing (and, avoid spending your Golden Years as a greeter at Wal-Mart).

But first, let me tell you about...

The $143k Rookie Mistake I Made...
That You Don’t Have To

Although it happened many years ago, what I’m about to tell you is still embarrassing for me to share...

It hurt like hell at the time, but I believe in being transparent and open about the painful experiences I went through so you can avoid the same costly mistakes I made.

It all started 12 years ago when my quest to find the holy grail of passive income turned into a financial nightmare.

Know what you get when you Google ‘passive income’?

Over 1 million results related to things like blogging, investing in rental properties, or building a network marketing business, all of which are NOT passive.

If you dig deeper, you’ll likely come across a slew of get-rich-quick investment schemes (aka, HYIPs).

You’ve probably seen them before (maybe even dabbled in some).

They all claim to pay ridiculously high fixed daily returns on your money.

But, as I later discovered, the majority of them are nothing more than fraudulent money games and off-shore scams created by con-artists just to steal your money and leave you holding the bag.

Before I knew how these kinds of high-yield investment scams worked, I made the mistake of getting sucked into the hype and deposited a boatload of money into several of them.

To make matters worse (and, naively thinking these programs were legit), I referred my friends and family to them.

And, it didn’t take long before they ALL eventually stopped paying and disappeared... taking my (and, everyone else’s) money along with them ― ouch!

Each time it happened, I remember thinking, “WTF! How could I have been so stupid?!”

Feeling like a total failure, I’d stare at my computer screen for hours wondering what was wrong with me.

But, the most painful part about it all was having to come clean and tell my wife how much of OUR money I lost on these scams... which, when all was said and done, added up to $143,000 and change.

As a result, we found ourselves stuck in financial quicksand... and, sinking fast.

In debt up to our eyeballs and with no cash reserves, things got so bad that I had to pawn off a rare coin collection my grandfather gave me just so we could pay our monthly mortgage bill.

It was a bitter pill of defeat to have to swallow.

Feeling disgusted at myself for being ripped off so many times, I thought about throwing in the towel and mustering up enough courage to ask my parents for a loan to bail us out... but, I didn’t.

Instead, I turned my self-pity into a desire to find a better way...

I began hunting for other passive income opportunities that could give my wife and me the kind of freedom we were looking for, but without running the risk of being scammed again.

After many sleepless nights researching anything I could realistically invest in with little money, I discovered the secret that levels the playing field so regular people like you and I can comfortably retire in less time than anyone on Wall Street wants us to believe.

Instead, I Pulled Up My Big Boy Undies
And Set Out To Find a Better Way...

I began hunting for other passive income opportunities that could give my wife and me the kind of freedom we were looking for, but without running the risk of being scammed again.

After many sleepless nights researching anything I could realistically invest in with little money, I discovered the secret that levels the playing field so regular people like you and I can comfortably retire in less time than anyone on Wall Street wants us to believe.

The Key To Rapid Wealth Acceleration

My breakthrough came when I found a reputable mentor who taught me that the speed with which your money grows has everything to do with the financial vehicle you choose to make it grow.

I learned that if you choose the wrong financial vehicles, you could end up chasing the right goal in the wrong way and never actually get anywhere.

horseandbuggyFor example, if you’re going to make a 3,000 mile trip across the country, you probably wouldn’t choose a horse drawn carriage to do it, right?

Of course not.

You’d choose the most time-efficient ‘vehicle’ available to get you to your destination as soon as possible.

Yet, when it comes to increasing your income and building wealth, most people choose slow, outdated financial vehicles and invest like our grandparents did (the equivalent of using a horse drawn carriage).

And, while slow and steady may eventually get you to the finish line, it works like a tortoise!

It also requires that you survive a lifelong gamble of frugal sacrifice and uncontrollable markets... things like the stock market, the housing market, and of course, the job market.

Speaking of a lifelong gamble, I know people who were very close to their retirement years and who had big hopes for a relaxing life of fun and leisure, only to discover that the ravages of inflation and the recession had eaten their dreams alive, forcing them to have to continue working.

On the other hand, you could hop on a Boeing 747 that has a top speed of over 500 miles per hour.

Both of these vehicles will get you to your destination.

But, when it comes to building wealth, there are proven ways you can get there faster and create true financial security while you can still enjoy it.

As you’re about to find out, there are little-known financial vehicles that allow you to accomplish in just 4 to 5 years what would normally take you 40 or 50 years to do the traditional way...

How The 1% Grow Their Money

My second major breakthrough came when I learned that the wealthy invest in money-making opportunities that are often outside of the traditional financial channels.

Millionaires are pouring their money into these new alternatives in droves...

But, I guarantee you’ve never seen them mentioned on CNBC, Bloomberg, or The Wall Street Journal.

Just like an iceberg, the most profitable opportunities are quietly hiding below the surface...

While 9 out of 10 people only invest in traditional investments (the visible 5%), there’s an entire universe of what I call ‘Unconventional Investment Vehicles’ (UIVs) that are historically far more profitable than traditional investments.

For example, if you deposit $1,000 today with your bank, you’d be lucky if you get more than 0.5% interest in a year, right?

What about the stock market or real estate? Maybe 5%-8%.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

In a couple hundred years you’d probably be rich... but, unfortunately too dead to be able to spend the money!

Let’s be real ― building a nest egg the SLOW way isn’t very sexy.

Besides, we’re talking about RAPID wealth acceleration here... and UIVs are the propulsion that make it realistically possible.

They allow you to get passive returns of 20%, 30%, 50%, and more without touching stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or any other traditional investment.

It may seem that these kinds of returns are pie in the sky. That’s what your bank and commission-based financial advisors would like you to think.

Wall Street and the ‘powers that be’ want you to stay too afraid to dare and keep making big profits for THEM, but never for you.

They want you to believe it’s impossible to make serious profits by investing in anything on your own.

They make figuring out your finances appear complicated (and, it is to the uninformed).

But, it’s a LIE.

Because these are the same methods the ultra-wealthy use to generate real income that compounds your wealth day after day, week after week.

In fact, in 2008 when the stock market plunged, unemployment soared, the housing market crumbled, and people’s retirement savings shrunk by as much as 49%...

... I had one of my best years ever, making a 173% net return on my money (on auto-pilot).

A Happy Ending To My Get Rich Horror Story

When you know exactly WHAT to do, WHERE to go, and WHO to listen to, leveraging your money into more money becomes as simple as following in someone else’s footsteps.

And, that’s exactly what I did...

At first it was just a trickle of income... but, then I watched in amazement as my first passive income stream started generating over $3,000 per month.

My world was never the same after that.

Let me show you a small sample of the kind of passive profits my wife Chiara and I have personally earned without working...

I’ve blurred out any sensitive account information, but the screenshot below shows that a total of $5,029.56 of net profit was deposited into one of our accounts (we have several) during this particular 5 day period.

It may not be ‘retire to Fiji tomorrow’ money... but, we literally did nothing to earn it.

Plus, half of those profits came in while we were sleeping.

Crazy, right?

Anyways, Chiara and I love to travel.

Here’s a picture of us during one of our vacations on the southern coast of Spain (love that area)...

It doesn’t really matter what we’re doing because our passive income streams keep cranking out cash flow whether we’re at home, on an unplanned getaway vacation, in Italy with my wife’s family, or enjoying a sunset at the beach.

It doesn’t really matter what we’re doing because our passive income streams keep cranking out cash flow whether we’re at home, on an unplanned getaway vacation, in Italy with my wife’s family, or enjoying a sunset at the beach.

You might think these results were just a fluke.

And, honestly, so did I at first.

But, when I shared what I had found with others, the results they achieved blew me away...

“Just wanted to say thanks for all the great passive income programs you offer. I always knew there was a way and now you have shown me how! And I’m not talking about a measly $100-$200 per month. In just one program alone I turned a 247% profit ($7680). I can’t thank you enough.” ~ Doug Goble

“Thanks to your vetted referral, I have stepped out on a limb and purchased several programs. My xxxxxxxxxx program has made me a great deal of money in just 3 months… around 75% profit.” ~ Kathy Talkin

“Brad is extremely knowledgeable and I have been able to generate several thousand dollars a month by getting involved in programs he himself is involved in. I trust his expertise; he has an incredible track record to boot!” ~ Maile Andrus

While I can’t promise or guarantee you’ll get the same results ― you could make more or less ― I’m 100% confident that the passive investment vehicles and strategies I’ve uncovered work...

Not just for me, but for virtually everyone who’s tried them so far.

  • IMAGINE having instant access to top-notch research about today’s hottest passive investment vehicles that only about 1 in 1,000 people even know exist - making money with these doesn’t get any easier.
  • IMAGINE what it would feel like to wake up every morning already knowing that all your bills are paid whether you get up out of bed or not... leisurely read the newspaper over a cup of coffee, maybe play some golf, catch a movie, or goof around and relax. No time clocks to punch or someone else’s schedule to follow.
  • IMAGINE what it would be like to experience multiple streams of automated, passive income (and all important cash flow) coming in on auto-pilot while you’re sleeping, on vacation, or just having fun. This doesn’t have to be a long-term goal… it can happen starting TODAY.
  • IMAGINE being able to set the terms and conditions of your life and being able to pass on your knowledge onto your loved ones to help protect and secure their lives from financial disaster.

Here’s Your Invitation To A Life Of Unlimited Freedom

It won’t take three decades to create the life you want... you just need to start now.

But, if you’re like most people I meet, you’re busy and don’t have the time or the experience to go out and search for lucrative money-making opportunities and investment ideas on your own.

Fortunately, there’s an affordable and convenient way for you to piggyback off of all the time-consuming and in-depth research my team and I are already doing ― No experience, connections, knowledge, or large budget required.

Introducing M4 Insider

M4 Insider (M4i) is a private membership club that helps you grow small amounts of money into larger amounts in weeks instead of years.

It’s essentially all about money: making it, managing it, and multiplying it in uncommon ways (it’s where the treasure is buried).

It’s about the new rules of income generation, retirement, investing, and building wealth.

M4 Insider is more powerful than a typical financial newsletter.

It’s like having your own recruitment firm that’s going out there and providing you with insider connections and introducing you to a large variety of carefully researched and vetted passive investment vehicles, cash-flow opportunities, money-saving ideas, little-known tools and resources, and insider contacts, all in one place.

M4 Insider is the only membership of its kind.

Since opening the doors in 2009, we’ve shown thousands of ‘not yet wealthy’ folks how to take the guesswork out of turning a portion of their active income (from their job or a business), into multiple streams of passive income.

Once you're a part of our community, you’ll know the secret to generating cash-flow whenever you want, and be able to do it repeatedly in any economic environment.

But, don’t take my word for it...

Look At What Some M4 Insider Members Are Saying

“I just became a member, and I have to say I’m like a kid in a candy shop right now. Within a couple of hours I moved forward with one of the programs you reviewed. I know my day job won’t be necessary too much longer, as I diversify and expand into the wonderful opportunities you have vetted!” ~ Dawn Vought, NY

“I joined your M4 membership at launch many years ago and have been very glad I did. I never got involved much the first 3 years, but the last two have been very rewarding. I have had success recently with two of your vendors. One has given me a return of 9% per month for the last 9 months net profit in a self-directed and managed account.

The second vendor with my daily effort (an average of 5 to 6 hrs a day) learning, growing and compounding my account has given me over 950% in gross profits the last 16 months. Thank you Brad along with your partners for all your efforts and research. It has changed and brightened my future immensely.” ~ Wayne Coiuglan

“As a usually very skeptical person, I was afraid to pay money for questionable content from questionable people. Now I want you to write that the content and research is the best thing I saw in the alternative investment world, or better to say... in the whole investing world.

I worked as a financial advisor for about 10 years. So please keep on searching and investigating for all of us - you and your team do a great job.” ~ Bernhard Simperl, Germany

“What I value most is the integrity you bring to the table. You guys offer an extraordinary service! It’s amazing how much value you’ve ‘deposited into the Vault’ since its inception! I consider my membership a ‘pearl of great price’ as it were. I feel very fortunate to have access to sooo much exceptional information! A million ‘thanks’ and then some!” ~ Greg Hollingshead

Who M4 Insider Is For (And, Not For)

M4 Insider is not for everyone. It’s not for ‘Negative Nellies’, ‘Gloomy Guses’, or get-rich-quick opportunity junkies looking for a magic bullet.

M4 Insider is ideal for you if...

  • You’re an open-minded wealth seeker, entrepreneur, or investor looking to earn above average returns on your money (either actively, passively, or both)
  • You’re tired of wasting time and money weeding through crappy investment / money-making deals on your own
  • You’re a baby boomer or retiree who needs to build (or, re-build) your wealth in short order
  • You’re a single income earner who wants to create multiple income streams
  • Or, you’re interested in generating additional income without having to sell some ‘green smoothie powder’ or other non-essential item to family, friends, and co-workers (nothing wrong with that, really – it’s just not what we do)

Here’s What You Get When You Join M4 Insider Today

Here’s what you’re going to get immediate access to right after you join and login to our password protected members’ area…

Top-Performing Active & Passive Investment Vehicles
Normally Reserved For The ‘Already Wealthy’

My team and I have wasted thousands of hours and over six-figures testing investments and moneymaking opportunities that didn’t work.

So, learning how to find the highest-quality ones wasn’t cheap... and, it certainly wasn’t easy.

Fortunately, you get to bypass the expensive learning curve, because you’re going to get access to our exclusive online rolodex of 29 of the world’s best (and, under-discovered) Off-Wall Street active and passive investment vehicles and done-for-you trading services.

All of them have verified track records, with some producing an average ROI (return on investment) of 3%–10%+ per month on 100% auto-pilot (try and do that with your 401(k).

Make no mistake. These aren’t watered-down investment opportunities you can simply look up by doing a quick Google search.

Many of them are ‘off the grid’, which means you’ll never hear about them from traditional financial advisors or on your own.

However, as an M4 Insider, we’ll give you all the contact info for these elite money managers so you can have them generating passive cash-flow for you, just like they’ve been regularly doing for our members.

You can even choose to have a portion of your profits grow tax-free in an IRA or another self-directed retirement account.

Scouring the market and tracking down these opportunities for our members is what we do.

Remember, we’re doing all the in-the-trenches, connect-the-dots work for you so you’ll never have to sit, scratch your head, and wonder ever again how to create multiple streams of cash-flow.

But, M4 Insider isn’t just about sending you a vetted list of investment vehicles that are earning our members double- and even triple-digit returns and leaving you to your own devices.

There’s so much more that comes with membership...

Unique Cash-Flow Opportunities

The next thing you’re going to get access to is our ‘Make Money’ section.

If you’re in need of some extra cash, or simply want to create additional streams of income working from home, we’ve got you covered.

No matter how big or small your budget is, you’ll find plenty of unique money-making ideas and pre-screened business opportunities for generating active cash-flow and residual income.

Some of these moneymakers could help you generate an extra $100,000 or more every single year for the rest of your life.

Personal Finance Secrets & Wealth Protection

Our freedoms are constantly under attack in the way of higher taxes, compromised personal privacy, rigged credit systems, currency controls, and rampant rob-Peter-to-pay-Paul governmental policies.

As sovereign living advocates, we’ll give you access to little-known strategies, resources, and contacts related to:

  • Saving money
  • Improving your credit
  • Debt reduction
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax minimization
  • Asset protection
  • Global banking
  • International living
  • Online privacy
  • Obtaining personal & business funding
  • And, much more

Speaking of funding, there’s plenty of tax-free money waiting for you IF you know where to find it.

And, this is just another way that you get to benefit from our research...

Because one of our endorsed vendors that we present to you as a bonus shortly after you sign up allows you to instantly qualify for up to $250,000 in 0% interest cash credit.

In fact, over the last 5 years, we’ve had dozens of our U.S. members receive tens of thousands of dollars in interest-free unsecured credit from this vendor.

The best part is, this tax-free credit can be used for just about anything.

You can use it to pay off high-interest credit cards, start or expand a business, or invest in passive income opportunities like many of our members do.

Ongoing Content Updates, News, & Commentary

We’re constantly researching and testing new opportunities and resources...

And, as an M4 Insider, you’re going to get real world, here’s-what-works and here’s-how-to-profit information you can start using right away.

We’ll update you on what’s working and what’s not, and where to consider making adjustments along the way. You’ll also get access to all of our previously archived content.

Whether you’re interested in bigger, faster gains, or prefer a safer, more steady approach, there’s truly something here for everyone.

Plus, if you jump in today, I’m going to sweeten the deal by throwing in these fast-action bonuses...

Bonus #1

The Renegade Money Guide – Think of this report as your passive income playbook straight to the money. It will teach you how you can make 96.27% more profits from certain investments in one month than most Americans make all year.

You’ll also learn why 401(k)s (aka, ‘buy and hope’ funds) are not created equal and what to do about it so you can get the best possible deal (just this tip alone could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you over your lifetime).

In addition, you’ll get proven, yet underutilized strategies that could make you a work-free millionaire in 10 years or less using the money you already make.

Normally Sold for $37 – Yours FREE Today

Bonus #2


Money For Life – In this report, you’ll learn how choosing ‘when you retire’ can play a large role in how much you actually have during retirement (take the 2007/8 financial crisis, for example).

You’ll get clear-cut strategies of how you can prepare yourself so that ‘when’ is less of a factor.

Not Sold – Yours FREE Today

Bonus #2

Copy Paste Profit - This report covers one of the most simple, paint-by-numbers money-making systems we've ever seen. It's a real way to quickly start pocketing $100s daily without ever having to recruit others or do any kind of complicated marketing. This will work for you, even if you haven’t had any success in the past.

Not Sold – Yours FREE Today

Here’s a Quick Recap of What You Get

• Access To Active & Passive Investment Vehicles ($397 Value)

• Access To Unique Money-Making Opportunities ($297 Value)

• Personal Finance Secrets & Wealth Protection ($397 Value)

• Ongoing Content Updates, News & Commentary ($497 Value)

• Bonus Reports ($67 Value)

• M4i Quickstart Guide ($47 Value)

• And, much more...

Total Value: $1,702

Let me make something perfectly clear. My team and I didn’t create M4 Insider to ‘get rich’ selling membership subscriptions.

We focus on researching and testing out investments, cash-flow opportunities, and wealth-building resources that we would want to use and profit from... and, then turn around and share our findings with our members ONLY if we (or, our trusted colleagues) can make money with them first.

Bottom line, you’re going to get all of our cash-boosting financial gems handed to you on a silver platter without you having to deal with all the painful trial and error, pitfalls and landmines we had to go through.

We eliminate the noise while providing integrity, clarity, simplicity, transparency, and exceptional customer service.

You really can’t get this level of in-depth information anywhere else... and, even if you could, it would take hundreds of hours of intense research and testing just to dig up a fraction of what we’ve already assembled for you.

What’s Access to an Elite Membership Like This Worth?

By now, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost...

Some wealth-building membership clubs charge upwards of $2,000 a year just for their educational information alone.

And, even though a $2,000 membership fee would still be a bargain, you’re not going to pay anywhere close to that.

Not $997 or even $497.

Today, you can pick up a quarterly subscription to M4 Insider for just $147 $97 $67.

( your subscription is fully cancelable at any time, with no long-term obligation )

That’s a heck of a deal, considering how valuable our members-only content is.

But, I’m going to make this offer even better for you...

Join Today And Risk NOTHING With
Our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Take M4 Insider for a risk-free spin for 60 days... explore our members’ area and read all of our research.

And, if for some rare reason, at the end of that two-month period you find it’s just not working for you ― that it’s not every bit as good as our members say it is ― simply let us know and we’ll refund everything you’ve paid (see our member agreement on the checkout page for details).

I don’t know how much more fair we can make this, so join the club and lock in a very special rate today.


Which Path Will You Choose?

They say knowledge is power... they also say it’s all about ‘who you know’.

I’m here to make sure you have both.

Because, time is the scarcest commodity we have.

It’s a depreciating asset that we can’t get more of once it’s gone.

And, after you spend too much of it, you lose your opportunity to make the most of it... and, then you’re dead.

The way I see it, you have three options in front of you right now…

  • OPTION #1: You can forget that you ever read this letter, deny yourself and your family the life of abundance you deserve, and hope for the best while the banks, brokers and government suck your savings dry (the strategy of the helpless).
  • OPTION #2: You can try to figure it all out by yourself (and, likely get eaten alive), spending weeks of your precious time in front of the computer reading blogs, articles, and books for the best ways to increase your income and build wealth on your own (not much better than your first option).
  • OPTION #3: You can join our inner-circle, skip the steep learning curve and tough detective work, save time, and immediately begin living a wealthier life. As an M4 Insider, you’re not alone and we have your back.

I’m sure you’ll choose the path that’s right for you.

In just a few minutes from now you could be on your way to making an extra $50, $100, or even $500+ per day in passive, work-free income just like our members are already doing.

There are many thousands of dollars at your fingertips... money that’s rightfully yours.

All you need to do is simply plug in and go get it.

But don’t delay, because nothing’s more expensive than missed opportunity.

Every day you’re not an M4 Insider member is another day of passive income lost.

Become an M4 Insider now so you can start living what others only dream about...


See you on The Inside,

Brad Weinman

Co-Founder, M4 Research

P.S. If you’ve read this far and have decided not to grab a 60-day trial subscription to M4 Insider, please remember this:

The action or inaction you take today will determine your future wealth.

You have a choice: continue down the blind ignorance path that will destroy your chances for a long, happy retirement free from financial worries... OR, make a positive step towards financial freedom.

Wall Street fat cats and the wealthy elite have taken advantage of the little guy for far too long. This is your shot to beat them at their own game...